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A business leader, keynote speaker, author and coach, Tamra Gaines shares learnings from her three-decade career where she focused on the development of people, business and creating experiences.

Through her public speaking events and professional volunteer service with Big Brothers-Big Sisters, Tamra developed a strong desire to educate and motivate others to stretch toward their potential. She captured these lessons in her book "The Pillars of Confidence" that explores specific actions readers can take to be more confident in their professional and personal lives and become more effective leaders. 

Tamra has earned several awards based on her advanced experience and leadership in the hospitality, direct selling and financial industries and has served on various boards and volunteer committees. In addition to being a Certified Professional Coach, and obtaining her certificate of DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) from Cornell University, Tamra is also a Certified Meetings Manager and a certified speaker with the John Maxwell Leadership Team. 

Tamra loves to explore new places, meet people and create healthy meals with her husband, Ron. They share their home in Florida with two beagles Mazie and CeCe, and Tamra’s sweet mom, Gloria. 



Tamra stated, “It's such an amazing feeling to know my AH-HA moment is allowing my passion and my purpose to come together to benefit the lives of others. Whether I'm planning an event or speaking to a group, I know it will make a difference."

"The Pillars of Confidence," released in 2015, was written by Tamra and contains specific, laser-focused actions YOU can take to guide YOU through key life areas and become more confident in YOUR personal and professional life. Be a confident woman. Be a confident leader. Be a confident sales person. With confidence, YOU choose.

Tamra is a native Texan, is Past President for Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Dallas/Ft Worth Chapter, and has served on the advisory board for the Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau, as well as the Board of Visit McKinney.


She was honored with the prestigious 2010 Planner of the Year award by the MPI Dallas/Ft Worth Chapter and in 2017 the Collen Rickenbacker Leadership Award.

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