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Empowering Leaders and Elevating Confidence

Your Premier Source for Professional Development


Whether you're aspiring to lead, emerging as an executive, or already navigating the C-suite, continuous professional development is paramount in today's dynamic workforce. With tailored professional coaching and leadership training, you have the means to propel your career and foster the growth of your teams to unprecedented heights.



Allow our team of Associates to provide the greatest value across your organization.


Connecting People & Culture

Leadership Development

Succession Planning

Meetings Strategist

Tamra speaks to corporations, associations, and individuals, to help them develop a plan to reach their personal next-higher level of confidence, influence and

career growth.


Together, we can determine which path is right for you or your company.


  • Improves leadership efficacy & productivity.

  • Creates employee loyalty through company investment.

  • Boosts team performance.

  • Establishes accountability.

  • Accelerates goal achievement.

  • Enhances confidence.

  • Improves rapport between leaders and direct reports.


Individual and Group Coaching Available


Do others perceive you as a strong leader?

Do you feel in control even during out-of-control situations?

Your Core Values, your Inner Voice and your Outer Brand are the three critical pillars supporting your confidence and enabling you to deploy that confidence through all aspects of your life. Confidence not only makes you "feel" good, it's empowering!

Self-confident people inspire confidence in others!
Their audience, their peers, their bosses, their customers, and their friends. And gaining the confidence of others is one of the key ways in which a self-confident person finds success.

Yes! It CAN be learned.

Tamra Gaines & Associates specializes in customized design and delivery of training programs, seminars, train-the-trainer, keynote presentations and personalized coaching sessions on multiple subjects, including Confidence, Leadership, Communication, Organization and Time Management.


Steve Parker, CMP

Director of Education

Meeting Professionals International D/FW Chapter

"One of the most amazing facilitators I have ever used - she gets it and made our attendees walk away with a sense of purpose and clarity."
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